Exercises for penis enlargement

Among men there are those who are not particularly happy with the size of the main virtues of a strong half of the world, with which they were endowed by nature. There is someone trying not to pay attention to it, someone has resorted to various methods to increase it, whether it be drugs, creams, surgery or special exercises. In this article we take a closer look at the last of these ways.

Despite the fact that the male body is considered to be more resilient, strong and persistent, there are some authorities, which need special care. Similar recommendations apply to the organs of the reproductive system of men, which are quite often subjected to damage. Therefore, before describing the technique of the exercises you should focus on the safe and precise execution of their workouts.

So, in addition to the various gels and ointments, there was such a simple and natural way as exercise, to increase the dignity of man. Of course, the penis does not work to pump up as some sort or a muscle of the human body, for example, biceps or abs. However, to increase the size of the main organ in the body men can, and quite effectively. Proven that applying certain techniques, you can achieve the desired result, albeit it will happen very fast.

exercises for penis enlargement

Types of exercises for penis enlargement

Though as exercises for penis enlargement offers a lot of different methods, the result is only interested in one. Most techniques have approximately equal efficacy, they differ only in the speed of obtaining the desired result. If you belong to people who did not always have enough free time for themselves and mind our own health, we advise you to reconsider your attitude to daily routine, because the training will require at least an hour of your time daily.

Direct exercises for penis enlargement

Seated in a comfortable position for you on the edge of the sofa or chair. Apply liberally on the penis lubricant or gel or cream. Grip the penis head several fingers forming a ring that encircles its circumference. Use a firm grip, move the arm to the base, trying to pull the skin.

With each repetition, try to increase pressure lingering at the base of the penis to the penis more full of blood. Accelerate with each new sunset, while not weakening the grip. Upon reaching a full erection grab your two fingers cock at its root and hold.

Second hand squeeze the penis at its very head, pre this it itself to push you should not. Pull the member aside and hold for 10 seconds. Try as hard as possible to pull your hand away from yourself, but remember that the exercises should not cause pain and discomfort. Pull the arm straight out from himself, then to the left side and after on the right. Every time you observe a pause in 10 seconds. Exercise 15 to 20 minutes.

After relax your hand so the blood drains from the head. Don't underestimate the impact of manual therapy and heat, because the temperature is normal for a man's testicles to 34 degrees. So warm compresses and taking a bath after exercise is a desirable end of the training.