How to make dick bigger at home: methods and recommendations

Increasingly, on the Internet, there are questions whether it is possible to enlarge the penis at home?

how to make dick bigger at home

Offers plenty of options, but if they're real?

What methods really effective?

This article provides an overview of the most common and effective methods.

The penis enlargement at home – myth or reality?

Man is designed in such a way that it is often not satisfied with what was awarded his nature (or genes). For example, girls with smooth hair, dreaming of curls Flirty, and a large percentage of men want to increase their "dignity". If hair can get a Perm, with the penis, things are much more serious. To go into a surgery not need.

To increase the size of penis is quite possible at home. But you should remember one rule – the immediate result will not be. Moreover, quitting regular exercise, the result can return to the original version.

How to add length male sex organ: effective methods

Of course, the most effective way of penis enlargement is surgery. But do I need to go to such extreme measures?

No, not necessarily. Methods home increase is very diverse, each of them has its effectiveness.

To achieve maximum results, you should understand the physiology. On average, the standard penis size in men – 12-16 inches. If after measuring the dimensions correspond to the parameters, the increase is not necessary.

The most effective method to increase the male organ is a combination of several ways. For example, the use of herbs for penis enlargement, in parallel with the massage.

Some methods are meant to increase for a certain period, while others keep the effect for a lifetime.

Ways to increase penis at home

Options home penis enlargement quite a lot:

  • without surgery;
  • without ointments;
  • nothing.

The remainder of this article will be considered the most effective.

Creams and gels

Various gels and ointments should be rubbed into the penis, and they will last depending on the composition and frequency of use.

These funds increase the blood flow and cause an erection.

In safe gels and creams may consist of the following components:

  • The milk Thistle extract.
  • Grape extract.
  • Moss lichen.
  • Peruvian Maca.


Pumps allow you to increase the member only at a certain period, it returns to its original shape. Pump are:

small dick
  1. Manual. The air from this design goes with the aid of the piston (pear). The main advantage of this pump is the availability, but to achieve high results, need to make the effort.
  2. Automatic. To reduce the pressure you can use built-in electric pump. For precise work you need to get a battery. To enlarge the penis, do not need to exert effort, and the pressure is displayed on the integrated monitor. Effective is a model with adjustable suction strength.
  3. Water. In this new product instead of air use water. The bulb fixture is filled cuff with the pump. The result after using excellent, contraindications significantly less. This pump will last much longer than the other ACE.


An extender design that allows you to create tension on the penis. There are only 2 types of extenders:

  • Loop.
  • In the form of a belt.

Between these two devices are virtually identical, only in the first case, locking mechanism for head stands silicone loop in the second strap. Also, the set includes base, rod, lining under the head of the penis.

Classic design wear:

  1. Wear the extender every day for more than 6 hours.
  2. Every hour should do, break for 2-3 minutes. During the break for the benefit of a light massage.
  3. The course can last from 60 months to a year. Further, the wearing does not make sense.
  4. The first 10 days of design are the initial length of the hose. There may be a slack – but this is the norm.
  5. The next 10 days, the unit can be extended up to 6 millimeters. Lengthening be required every 10 days throughout the month.

To sleep with extender prohibited, as it is not put in time erect state.

Exercises for free as a method to improve the dignity

Experts say that regular exercise throughout the year, will increase the size of manhood 2 inches. Exercises for penis enlargement involves pre-lubrication of the penis, so as not to cause harm, and not to injure him.

Some effective exercises:

  • The Kegel Exercise. Penis and hands to moisturize special means. With two fingers to bring sexual organ to erection, while the movement should gradually pick up speed. Before the penis reaches the peak of erection, his fingers are pinching at the base.
  • Stretching. When the sexual organ is in the fully relaxed state, its starting to stretch. Stretching needs to be very diverse, ranging from directions to the pubis and ending with 360° rotation. Pull 15 seconds 10 times.


Statistics show that only 2% of men do not masturbate. And if this action increased the sexual organ, the problems with the size at all would have existed.

At the same time, to increase penis by masturbating it is still possible, but only in the case if you use different techniques of another nature, for example, a manual technique. What are its features:

methods of penis enlargement
  1. The goal is not satisfaction, and increase penis size.
  2. In case of manual techniques to influence the member of the need more strongly.
  3. The procedure should take 30 minutes.
  4. This kind of workout performed 3 times per 7 days.


Massage makes the tissue of the penis more elastic, with the result that it is possible to achieve the increase. Massage member good that he will increase not only the size in length but also volume. Present to your attention a few options of massage:

Option # 1

  1. The penis lead to an erection.
  2. The whole body is smeared with grease.
  3. Grasping at the base of several fingers, begin the movement down from the pubis.
  4. Through the time change hand.
  5. The first 7 days massage is done for about 10 minutes. Every week the time increases by 5 minutes.
  6. Minimum course is 3 months.

Technique No. 2

  1. Penis excite.
  2. Grasping at the base of several fingers, begin the movement down from the pubis. Duration – 5 minutes.
  3. Bring the penis to erection and rest a little.
  4. Penis again excite.
  5. Lubricate with grease.
  6. Grasping at the base of several fingers, squeeze for a few seconds.
  7. If there is a sense of strain, compression should be made smaller.
  8. At the base of the head with your fingers to create a ring, hold it for a couple of seconds.
  9. Minimum course of 3 months, will increase not only the length and volume, but also the head.

Traditional methods and recipes to create a large phallus

Popular methods for penis enlargement a huge number. Some craftsmen in the pursuit of size, use a vacuum cleaner instead of the pump.

But the result of such manipulation is highly questionable. You can not say, from the use of different herbs, of extracts of them. Let's consider some:

  1. 100 grams of chopped thyme and pour the boiling water. Drink the infusion twice a day before eating (morning and evening). A course of 4 months, you can not miss.
  2. 1 tsp seeds of wormwood boiled in water for about 10 minutes. Drink strain and drink three times a day half a Cup.

Increase the size use baking soda

Earlier we told you this is myth or reality. Find out the answer in this material. Soda is another popular method, it is highly acclaimed that increases penis size. As the scheme is valid:

  1. The sexual organ of a little steam in the bathroom, wipe dry.
  2. Oil (any vegetable).
  3. Put a little baking soda.
  4. In a circular motion with a sponge, carry out a gentle massage for several minutes.

Increase of a member of the soda will be small, only a few millimeters, and after a couple of hours, the penis will return to its original position. So you should hurry up on a date.


As you can see, to increase the penis of the popular methods is quite real. That's only to expect an immediate result for a long period is not necessary. Show patience and perseverance and you will be proud of your manhood.